Central Rockies Wolf Project

Wolf Awareness Inc. is a non-profit, charitable foundation dedicated to the conservation of wolves’ through research and education. The Central Rockies Wolf Project is the research branch of Wolf Awareness Inc. Scientifically accurate information forms the basis of their education programs.

In the Central Rocky Mountains, wolves have less than 1% chance of surviving ten years in the wild. Only 5% of these wolves die of natural causes.


Art Wolfe - Boreal Wolfe, Quebec
Boreal Wolfe, Quebec
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The Central Rockies Wolf Project began in 1987, when the first wolf was radio-collared. Our research uses radio-telemetry and snow tracking techniques to determine how wolves use their Rocky Mountain habitat and how human activities affect wolves.

We work very closely with governments and communities to help resolve conflicts in land use that affect wolves. Our research strives toward providing a means for maintaining a healthy population of wolves in the central Rockies in perpetuity.

Wolf Conservation Research Wolves were eliminated twice this century from the central Rocky Mountains through predator control programs. After an absence of thirty years, wolves returned to the central Rockies in the mid-1980s. The recolonization process has been closely monitored by researchers of the Central Rockies Wolf Project, in cooperation with Parks Canada and Kananaskis Country.

Currently, 11 packs, totaling approximately 70 wolves live in the central Rockies.

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The Rocky Mountain region is a critical movement corridor for wolves traveling between Canada and the United States, and is thus very important for the conservation of wolves in western North America.

Plans for Wolf Conservation:
  • To spearhead the formation of a wolf conservation committee that would be responsible for maintaining healthy populations of wolves in the Rocky Mountain National Parks and adjacent land in Alberta and British Columbia.

  • To continue to provide professional education programs to school groups, community organizations and the public that promote an awareness of the need for wolf conservation. To continue to provide people with the unique opportunity to become involved in conservation by sponsoring a wild wolf.

  • To work cooperatively with the ranching community of southwestern Alberta for the development of a wolf conservation strategy that is sensitive to the cultural needs of the community.

    Education and Outreach
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    Wolf Awareness Inc. provides educational and interpretive programs for people of all ages. Through our programs, we strive to foster an awareness and appreciation of wolf ecology and the conservation of wilderness habitat.

    Their programs include:
  • Educator Workshops -Learn how to teach about wolves in the classroom.

  • Integrated Studies Program for Educators -Learn how to take an integrated approach to teaching about wolves in the classroom.

  • Interpretive programming -for schools, service clubs, community groups, elder hostel groups and conference participants

  • Guided wolf research programs -half day and full day programs

  • Guided Bus Tours

    Contact them to schedule a program in your area.

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    Western Office
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    Website: The Gray Wolf Web Site
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