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Bison is featured dish at Ted Turner’s new roadhouse

Billionaire media entrepreneur and rancher Ted Turner is hoping to create a new empire: a restaurant chain featuring 25 versions of the bison burger.

Certainly My Heart is Defective: It Breaks Too Easily

Most other members of my species, presumably cut from the same mold, seem not to be concerned over the institutionalized killing of animals for “food.”

Yet, the mere thought of the fear and agony experienced by the “farmed” animals who are killed for no reason other than the greedy desire for the taste of their flesh breaks my heart… My heart must be defective.

Our Fellow Creatures

It is the notion of our time that non-human animals exist for the advancement of the human species. In whatever field — cookery, fashion, blood-sports — it is held that we can only be concerned with animals as far as human interests exist. There may be some sympathy for those animals, as to limit practices which cause excruciating suffering, but those may only be limited if they are brought to public light, and if legislators receive enough pressure from the public to change.

Rats turned into remote controlled robots
U.S. Court Returns MBTA Protection to Mute Swans
Wildlife Conservation Society Receives $20 Million Challenge Grant