Beaver holds the energies of fertility and resoursefullness

KEYWORDS: When the beaver swims into your life it is asking you to strengthen the foundation on which you stand or to build a new one. beaver totem beaver medicine lessons of the beaver animal guide spiritkeeper

Beaver hold the energies of fertility and new promise.

Beavers are expert builders.  Their dams are strong and secure. When the beaver swims into your life it is asking you to strengthen the foundation on which you stand or to build a new one. The beaver is an amazing animal.  They are master engineers and alter environments.  Their dams are made of wood held together with mud and leaves.  Resourceful and ingenious they turn streams into lakes with their dams.  When they leave an area, the dam eventually decays and a fertile meadow is left where the lake was.  The beaver knows how to work in harmony with the environment and can show us how to do the same.   If we continue to stand on old foundations new opportunities can pass us by. Because of its building skills the beaver has been linked to ancient masonry.  Those with this totem often have past lives associated with this magical art. The study of masonry can reveal deeper insights about who you are and who you have been.

beaver skullThe beavers fur is waterproof and a hard yellow enamel coats their teeth protecting them from damage. Their teeth continue to grow until they die.  They are always chewing and falling trees. Author Ted Andrews states that without chewing the beavers  teeth would become too large, and it would be unable to eat. Its large incisor teeth are one of its most distinct features and holds great symbology.  A person with healthy incisor teeth usually has a balanced inner nature, if unhealthy an unsettled inner nature is common.  Proper dental hygiene along with developing a sense of inner peace is essential for those with this medicine.  Meditation and quiet contemplation is helpful.

beaver skullExcellent swimmers, the beaver can stay submerged for 15 minutes.  Controlling the breath is one of its attributes.  Those with this medicine would benefit from yoga or any form of breathing exercises.  They make excellent breath workers as well as architects.

Beavers are creatures of the water, the element associated with the subconscious. This is where hidden knowledge and forgotten dreams are stored.  A powerful totem to have, the beaver reminds us to live our dreams and shows us how to manifest them using the resources available.  Beavers have a gentle nature and are very industrious.  Those with this totem often find that they must work hard to obtain their goals. Remember to be kind to yourself.  When you feel defeated simply call on the beaver to help you.

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