Bluebirds hold the energy of gentleness

KEYWORDS: The bluebird teaches us how to move through life with a gentle strength and a patient persistence. bluebird totem blue bird totem bird totems animal guide spirit guide mystical attributes of birds animal guide bluebird guide

Bluebirds hold the energy of gentleness. They are not aggressive and will avoid confrontation whenever possible. They are patient and observant birds and choose to spend their time enjoying life, however, if a bluebird is provoked it will stand its ground and defend itself. The bluebird teaches us how to move through life with a gentle strength and a patient persistence. female bluebird pictureThe bluebird is a member of the thrush family. The males are entirely blue, while the females are blue only in the wings. The color blue is associated with spiritual awakening. A color that calms the mind and soothes the heart. Since the color blue is symbolic it will represent different things to different people. A daily practice of prayer and meditation are beneficial to those with this medicine.

male bluebird pictureBluebirds arrive from the south in the early spring. They live in open country and woodland settings nesting in holes in trees or fence posts. In native cultures the south is the direction of innocence and childlike activity. When a bluebird shows up it could be asking you to lighten up and let go of any dramas that are presently occupying your life. If it appears in your immediate surroundings this message is more pronounced.

young female bluebird picture Living ones truth without inflicting it on another person can be a challenging affair. Mankind often feels a need to awaken others with their knowledge. This need can trigger personality disputes causing unnecessary frustration and conflict.

The bluebirds song is one of joy and playfulness. When if flies into your life it serves as a reminder to allow others to grow in their own way and time. Live your personal truth but remember to honor anothers truth. We are all equal in the eyes of the creator. The path a person walks is a personal choice that was created from the soul blueprint. We don’t always understand anothers choice but it is imperative that we respect it.  Equally so, we must respect ourselves.

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