Boston Terriers Must be Housedogs

Boston Terriers are incredibly smart. People tend to think that because they look silly, they aren’t bright. But they learn very quickly and are extremely easy to train. However, they are not for everyone, and often are especially not suited for families with small children. 

Boston Terriers Must be Housedogs

If there is only one thing that we could tell people about Boston Terriers, it would be this: Because they are brachycephalic (short-mugged) dogs, Bostons cannot be outside dogs. Most of their time needs to be spent indoors.

Dogs with short noses are not heat-resistant like the long-nosed breeds, because they don’t have any room in their nose cavity to cool off the air before it enters their body.  In the cold months, the reverse is true. They cannot warm the cold air adequately before it enters their lungs.

Many airlines will not ship short-mugged dogs during the hotter months because, although they travel in climate-controlled cabins, just a few minutes on the super hot tarmac may result in deadly heat stroke for Boston Terriers and other brachycephalic dogs (Pugs, English Bulldogs, Pekingese, Japanese Chins, French Bulldogs).

Boston Terriers are clingy dogs who need a lot of attention.

When you adopt a Boston Terrier, know that you are going to get a loyal dog who needs to be near you all of the time and will need a lot of attention.  They are funny and playful dogs and they can stare into your soul.

But they act more like small children than dogs with individual personalities.

The most important thing people need to understand is the breed itself.    They’re not like most other breeds and constantly want to be the center of your attention. They can be cranky with small children who divide your attention.

Boston Terriers have lots of health issues

They can be high maintenance as they grow older, especially with eyes issues, some tendency to skin problems, etc.  You must pay close attention to their health.

They are prone to allergies and cataracts, and if they come from backyard breeders they are more likely to have these issues.

Because of their short nose, they can quickly overheat from strenuous play or extended exercise. When they get overheated, the brain can quickly reach a temperature of 107 degrees, potentially causing seizures if they aren’t cooled down quickly.

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