Boxers never grow up or slow down!

The number one reason a boxer has trouble finding a forever home is that people say they’re too wild. Boxers never grow up or slow down!  Boxers also do not do well in extreme heat or cold.  The Boxer is not a breed that enjoys being outside all day and night.

Boxers make good family dogs

Those who share their home with Boxers and the ever popular Boxer mixes often describe them as being among the most playful, fun loving and affectionate dogs ever. Maybe it is the playfulness of this breed that causes them to love children so much. And they usually know to be gentle, as well as protective, sensitive and exuberant with the children they love.

This breed is naturally inquisitive, highly intelligent, and extremely loyal to their family members. Boxers require both physical and mental exercise. They will happily fetch, swim, romp, jog and just wander along with you or your children.

Boxers are sometimes wary of strangers, though not aggressive unless they or their family are threatened. They can also be a bit short tempered with strange dogs or other small animals. However, with the proper introductions and socialization they can live quite nicely in multiple pet households.

Boxers have a reputation for digging holes.

As mentioned above, boxers do not do well in summer heat. They will often dig deep holes to lie in, trying to cool down.

Boxers are very low maintenance dogs.

Regular brushing will help to minimize shedding. A bath when necessary will make you both very happy. And if the ears are not cropped they should be cleaned regularly to avoid infections. “Floppy” ears allow debris to become trapped inside the ears and need to be cleaned a bit more often than erect ears.

Boxer health issues

If your Boxer starts being moody, test your Boxer’s thyroid. If it is even a little too low or a little too high, get your Boxer on thyroid meds to help get the thyroid back to normal.

Many times we get a grouchy Boxer and test the thyroid and that is the issue, and after a month on the meds you have your happy Boxer back.

Boxers and some Boxer mixes may be inclined to cardiomyopathy and certain gastric or digestive conditions. This can usually be controlled with proper diet and exercise.

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