Dog Breed Types

Dog Breed Types

Dog breed classes are one way that dog breeds are categorized. The American Kennel Club divides dog breeds into classes based on similar traits in conformation, common ancestors, and suitability to a particular purpose.

There is also a special miscellaneous class that includes the foundation stock of breeds that are not recognized as individual breeds yet, but probably will be recognized at some time in the future.


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Dog Breed Groups

Dog breeds are generally organized into ten groups, each with subsections according to breed type and origin.

Non-Sporting Dog Breeds

The dog breeds in the Non-Sporting Breed Group are a varied collection in terms of size, coat, personality and overall appearance.  As the name of this class implies, they were not bred for a particular sport or function, but were bred primarily as companion animals for humans. This group of dogs has a wide array of personality traits, sizes, colors, and shapes.

Small Dog Breeds

Tight on space in a condo or apartment, limited by weight restrictions, or just enjoy a smaller dog companion? Search our list of small dog breeds to find a dog that is just your size. Don’t be fooled by their small stature though, pint sized doesn’t mean small personality.

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Toy Dog Breeds