Factual Wolf Hybrid Website before you decide to purchase one, read it!

Before you decide that a “wolf” or “wolf hybrid” is for you, please read my website. It will also tell you how to avoid getting taken by stupid breeders selling mutts that are mispresented as wolf hybrids (wolfdogs). These animals do not make good pets, they are for serious, educated people who are interested only in dedicating themselves to the entire lives of the wolf hybrid. Wolf pups are pups, not cubs. A lot of breeders will use the word “cubs” to make it sound like they have wolfy pups for sale.

Did you know that real high content wolfdog, wolves, arctic wolves and arctic cross puppies are never born white? There are under 40 people in the USA who have arctics and over 75% of the so called “arctic” breeders are selling white german shepherd/husky and great pyranees pups as arctics. This is one of the most misrepresented wolf and wolf hybrid pup sold today. Real Arctics don’t usually turn white until they are between 3 and 5 years old. People sell “piebald huskies” as arctic wolves or wolf hybrid pups to try to charge up to 2000 dollars or more to rip off uneducated buyers.

If you want to get a wolf hybrid and don’t have the education it takes to own one, you will probably buy one anyway and certainly will find some idiot who will be stupid enough to sell you a misrepresented mutt.

But if you do actually care about these magnificent animals and are willing to do what it takes to own one, then you may make a difference and become a responsible, ethical wolf hybrid owner.


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