In Memory of Elizabeths Loyal Horse, Calvin

Calvin~ I love you like my own, and I still don’t believe you have left us. From the day I met you, I knew all the wonderful stories Elizabeth had told me were true. You were the perfect firey chestnut gelding with a heart to please and the mind to perfect everything you did. We had big plans for you, boy.

Young riders this August and the big prelims! You would have carried Elizabeth through all of the arenas in front of the judges with your head held high and your kind eye pleasing everyone.

I miss you so much, and think of all the things you acomplished in your 18 years.

You were a very succesful eventer, and then you fell into Elizabeths hands, and carried her all the way to Galloway and always brought home the big ribbons.

I love you Calvin, and I can imagine you in a big pasture of green thick grass in front of the new hospital, loving every minute of it.

I will remember you forever, and will always have a place in my heart for you.


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