On Nature’s Terms: Predators and People Co-existing in Harmony

The first film of its kind promoting the protection of predators and their ecosystems, On Nature’s Terms uses dramatic footage and inspirational stories to illustrate how ordinary citizens in both rural and urban America are doing their part to co-exist in harmony with predators.

Produced by award winning film producer John de Graaf, this ground-breaking film makes the important connection between the ecological, economic, and social factors for carnivore species conservation and the necessity of protecting the large connected expanses of land that they need to survive.

On Nature’s Terms chronicles how age old myths and misperceived notions about these animals devastated predator populations and brought many near to extinction when settlers made their way west, and still persist today.

The overwhelming message of this film is about hope and possibility: how ordinary citizens – biologists, conservationists, agency personnel, ranchers, and home owners – through their work and through their lives, are protecting, maintaining and restoring these majestic species and their habitats.

An uplifting and optimistic approach to a serious environmental crisis: In this 25-minute video you will hear stories from Wyoming to California of the U.S Forest Service ripping up roads, ranchers using non-lethal methods of predator control, biologists studying urban wildlife, a coalition of diverse individuals and agencies protecting critical wildlife corridors and more.

The film deftly illustrates these beautiful majestic species and the places they inhabit are finding a place in America’s landscapes and in the heart and minds of the American public.

An Invaluable Resource For Your Organization

Use this film as a motivational force for public forums – as a training tool for staff and volunteers – or as an inspirational focus for fundraisers.

The convenient 25-minute format lends itself to educational events of all kinds. Included with every purchased video is a fact sheet to copy and distribute which lists 12 things you can do to protect wildlife and their habitats.

This information and a list of organizations viewers can contact for more information can be found at the WildFutures website (see link below).


The cost of the film is $20. Price includes tax, shipping and handling. Please make checks out to WildFutures/EII. Mail checks to the address below.

If you are ordering more than one copy of the film, please add .50 for each additional copy to help with packaging and shipping. There are discounts for orders over 5.

Send payments to:

WildFutures, attn: Sharon Negri
Earth Island Institute
353 Wallace Way, NE Suite 12
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

If you have any questions feel free to call (206) 780-9718 or email snegri@igc.org.

About The Film Producer

On Nature’s Terms is written and produced by John de Graaf, an accomplished producer writer and editor of documentaries for public television for 23 years.

Mr. Graaf is winner of more than 75 regional, national, and international awards for filmmaking. His most noted film is Affluenza and Escape from Affluenza.

About WildFutures

WildFutures (formerly The Wildlife Network) is a project of Earth Island Institute working to bridge the gap between science and conservation and finding collaborative ways to develop and implement effective conservation strategies.

Executive Director and Founder, Sharon Negri, has over 25 years of experience in wildlife conservation and non-profits, and works to provide essential tools, guidance, and information to help organizations reach their conservation goals and help them build responsible organizations.

For More Information

Please visit WildFutures website and link to other organizations working on these important wildlife and wild land issues and to find out how you can become involved.

Please help get the message of this film out to a broader audience. Please forward this information to others who might be interested.

Sharon Negri
WildFutures (formerly The Wildlife Network)

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