Pet Snake Names

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Looking for ideas for a creative name for your pet snake? In this snake article you will find pet snake names submitted by our readers.

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  1. Adamall

  2. Addae (African for 'morning sun') Male snow albino aberrant cal king. Owner: A. Kendall

  3. Asclepius (Royal python) After the Greek serpent God. Owner: Sara

  4. Akasha (corn snake) Owner: Angela

  5. Aldrea

  6. Alf (corn snake) Owner: Rob  (For "Awesome Life Form?")

  7. Alize (Albino burmese python) Owner: Jessica Burner

  8. Angel (female ghost corn) Owner:  Jim T. + (Cal. albino snow) Owner: Ace Kopicz

  9. Aragorn (rat snake) Owner:  Tanner (aka herpguy) (My "Lord of the Rings" fav guy)

  10. Asmodeus

  11. Athena

  12. Ave (ball python) Sounds like "have" without the "h." Owner: Alana Alpert

  13. Azriel (ball python)

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  15. Banda

  16. Basil (ball python) Owner: Captancat

  17. Beau! (common boa) Owner: Maggie

  18. Beetlejuice (California king snake well-banded 50/50!) Owner: Draven Xavier

  19. Belinda (Columbian Red Tail Boa) Owner: Leland Hucke (Linda meaning "beautiful in Latin and "pretty" in Spanish--uh-um--we're destined!--Linda)

  20. Belle

  21. Bijou (Fr. for "little jewel")  Owner: Lauren Finley

  22. Blackjack (dark male ball python with a one-eyed jack pattern) Owner:  Lisa Huff

  23. Bond, James Bond (a mall ball python who's a gentlemen but will take it if it's offered. (hmm, shaken or stirred?) Owner: Lisa Huff

  24. Bones (California king snake banana phase) Owner: Ace Kopicz

  25. Boots (ball python) Owner: Jacob C. Age 6 (Probably won't be Jacob's first acquisition!)

  26. Brutus (male green tree python) Owner: John Anthony (E Tu Brutus: old Italic term meaning "rebel slave." Better keep on eye on this one!)

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  28. Cherry Blossom (Female Tarahumara Mountain boa constrictor) Owner: Gregory Moss

  29. Chowder

  30. Chica (Mexican Rosy Boa) Owner: J. Curry

  31. Cici  (Candycane corn)

  32. Cloriece

  33. Crystal

  34. Cupcake (baby ball python) (owner is 6 years old) Name derived from loose association: Python --> Py --> Pie --> Cake --> Cupcake.  The name fits now as he is so cute, but will be funny when he is 48" long! (Love the play on words! Clever boy!)

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  36. Damian (check for any birthmarks?)

  37. Derelict (ball python) Owner: Salomon

  38. Diablo (Owner Olivia Cole Age 15) (What a devil! Thanks Olivia!!)

  39. Draco (ball python meaning "dragon") Owner:  bbw Angel (Also the 7th c. Athenian lawgiver whose code was intolerably harsh, punishing trivial crimes with death!!  Better feed your Draco on time!)

  40. Drago

  41. Dude (male Irian Jayas) Owner: Matthew Mayo

  42. Duke

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  44. Earl

  45. Echinde (Royal python) After the Greek serpent Goddess. Owner: Sara

  46. Echo (ball python) Owner: Ace's niece (Echo-Echo-Echo)

  47. 8-Ball (Blue ribbon) Owner: Amanda Tose

  48. Elaith

  49. Enid (female ball python) Named after Enid, Oklahoma! Owner: Lisa Huff

  50. Esmerelda (female green tree python) Owner: John Anthony

  51. Ezekiel (albino green burmese from Ophiological Services!) Owners: Laura Anderson and Chris Redd  (Ezekiel, whose name, Yehézq'el signifies "strong is God" or "whom God makes strong"--I know he's a strong one!)

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  53. Focker

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  55. Giglo (corn) Owner: Jessica Curry

  56. Gooch (Owner: Mike Sextro)

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  58. Humbaba (Colubrid--corn snake) Owner: Basil Lalli.  Humbaba was the Mesopotamian beast-god that kept people from falling off the Earth.  How appropriate!  Humbaba was also protector of the forests where the snakes live!  Unfortunately, he was betrayed and killed by Gilgamesh--so don't name any of your other snakes Gilgamesh!

  59. Hannible--Yikes of the Lecter type! (Owner: C. Roudy)

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  61. I


  62. Isis

  63. Ivan "the Terrible" (3-month old ball python) Owner: Lauren Finley (He's a REAL sweetheart!)

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  65. J


  66. Julius Squeezer (male ball python) Owner: Spencer Propst (Your main squeeze!)

  67. Imranda (corn snake) Owner: Angela

  68. Jasper (Male hypo Honduran milk snake) Owner: Gregory Moss

  69. Java (Female woma) Owner: Gregory Moss

  70. Jet (ball python) Owner: Nakomiswolf (I bet he's a fast one!)

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  72. Kali

  73. Kamikaze (Female hypo Honduran milk snake) Owner: Gregory Moss

  74. Keiko (Female ghost Honduran milk snake) Owner: Gregory Moss

  75. Kellog

  76. Khan (ball python) Owner:  Angela McNutt

  77. Kibo (Female hypo Honduran milk snake) Owner: Gregory Moss

  78. Kingki

  79. King Tut (female red-tail boa) Owner: Angela McNutt

  80. Koi (Female hypo Honduran milk snake) Owner: Gregory Moss

  81. Kryshna (Female hypo Honduran milk snake) Owner: Gregory Moss

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  83. Lady Pryditor

  84. Laini (African for 'soft & gentle') desert banded cal king female.  Owner: A. Kendall

  85. Lazarus (Male Burmese Python) Owner:  Joanne Jaimedes

  86. Li'l Feller (Male Prescott, AZ, snake snake) Owner: Gregory Moss

  87. Lipstick

  88. Lt. Gleep (Male amelanistic Emory's rat snake) Owner: Gregory Moss

  89. Lucy

  90. Lun

  91. Lurp (Male Woma) Owner: Gregory Moss

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  93. Maeniel (boa) Owner: Angela

  94. Manson (albino corn snake)

  95. Methos

  96. Mia (ball python) Owner: Jessica Burner

  97. Milo (creamsickle corn snake) In Portuguese corn is "milho", so I named my snake Milo (pronounced Mee-lo) Owner: Lauren

  98. Mina (Coastal Carpet Python)

  99. Mithril (corn snake) Owner: Daniel Williams (No doubt he came from Middle Earth!)

  100. Mona (Owner: Chondroboa)

  101. Monopod (male ball python--Mono=one + Pod=foot) Owner:  Lisa Huff (Can you buy just one shoe?)

  102. Monty (ball "python") Owner: Andy (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail) ("It's the legendary Black Beast of Aaauugh!")

  103. Morticia (Argentine Boa)  Owner: Christine Krystofik (Got a Cousin "It?")

  104. Mountinduwe

  105. Murray

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  107. Niko (ball python)  Owner: Price

  108. Noodles (ball python)  Owner: Salomon

  109. Noose (ball pythn) Owner: Alana Alpert

  110. Nova --Owners: Laura Anderson and Chris Redd

  111. Nyoka (means "snake" in African) Potentially new name for Reah & Allan Kurtz's new baby!

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  113. Okettee (female corn snake) Owner:  J. Curry (Got a Cajun sound to it!)

  114. Onyx (Mexican black) Owner: Ace Kopicz

  115. Opal

  116. Ophelia (red-tailed boa) Owners: Laura Anderson and Chris Redd (Shakespeare livesss!)

  117. Orin (Malaysian blood python)  Owner: Jessica Burner (I believe, in Indian mythology, "Orin" is the "female warrior!)

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  119. P. Diddy

  120. Pandora  (Ball Python)

  121. Pebbles (burmese python) Owner: Matthew Mayo

  122. Princess (female Irian Jaya) Owner: Matthew Mayo

  123. Psycho (ball python) received his name for trying to eat a rat that a snake three times his size was already eating! Owner: Alana Alpert

  124. Puffy (Female amelanistic Emory's rat snake) Owner: Gregory Moss

  125. Puppy

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  127. Raven (Mexican black) Owner: Ace Kopicz

  128. Reggie (The famous cobra from "Indiana Jones") Source: C. Roudy(I wonder how much snake movie stars get paid?)

  129. Reggie (Albino Burmese Pythons) Friends of Gmamba

  130. Ribbion

  131. Roger

  132. Rogue Warrior (Male Tarahumara Mountain boa constrictor) Owner: Gregory Moss

  133. Roz (ball python with designs that look like "Roswell" aliens) Owner: bbw Angel (Maybe the aliens left her behind as a sign...)

  134. Ruby

  135. Ruby (knoblochi) Owner: Ace Kopicz (Check out the pic!)

  136. Rudy Owner: Mike Sextro

  137. Rusty (female corn snake)  Owner:  Herpguy

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  139. Sabriel

  140. Samurai (Male hypo Honduran milk snake) Owner: Gregory Moss (I bet he's not a shy eater! HI-YA!)

  141. Saphire (female corn snake) Owner: J. Curry

  142. Selena

  143. Slayer/Slayerette (albino burmese python with "gender identity issues":-) Owner: Matthew Mayo

  144. Slip

  145. Slap

  146. Slinky (Owner: L. Crowe)

  147. Slithers

  148. Slytherine (Owner: M. Prindle)

  149. Smiles

  150. Smooch (Female Emory's rat snake) Owner: Gregory Moss

  151. Snake

  152. Storm  (Snow Corn)

  153. Strider (corn snake) Owner: Daniel Williams (Speaks Elvish?)

  154. Stripes (ball python) Owner: Salomon

  155. Sunny (Cal. king snake albino snow) Owner: Ace Kpoicz

  156. Sybil

  157. Syd (ball python, sssiiiiiiddd like sydnee) Owner: Gmamba

  158. The Strangler

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  160. Thunder (Anerythristic Corn)

  161. Tiger Lily (female ball python)  Owner: Angela McNutt

  162. Tojo (Male amelanistic Honduran milk snake) Owner: Gregory Moss

  163. Trinity

  164. Trouser (male albino corn) Owner: Jim Traupel Las Vegas (I bet I can guess Trouser's favorite venue!)

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  166. Xana, pronounced 'Zana' (female California king snake) Owners: Neil & Helen Chater from England

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  168. Zack

  169. Zorlack (green tree python) Owner:  Pete Olszewski


This list first appeared at Ophiological Services, Inc., located in the small town of Archer, Florida just outside of Gainesville, is owned and operated by Eugene and Cindy Bessette. Ophiological Services has been producing quality, captive born tree pythons for the private herpetological market since 1977. The Bessettes have a solid reputation and well-known tradition of developing the highest quality animals in the industry. Check out their website for a wide variety of snake photos and informative articles on snakes.

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