Rabbit Memorial: Itchymoimoi

Itchymoimoi – you’’ll always be my favourite bunny. I was sure that something was different about him…I had just got in from work, and my boyfriend was just about to clean the cage, that was when I noticed him. He was limp and obliging. Not the usual awkward mischevious bunny that I had come to know and love.

September 2000 to 10th November 01
Itchymoimoi…My favourite bunny.

After a consultation with the emergency vet, my worst fears were confirmed… He had had a stroke.

I thought that a bit of TLC was all he needed, but he had another stroke in the car and died.

He was my first pet, and I couldn’t help but blame myself for his short life.

Now I realise that he was spoiled rotten, and got away with eating my favourite shoes (and gnawing his way through a rather expensive bag…) It was just his time.

Itchymoimoi….you’ll always be my favourite boy…I love you.

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