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Ableegumooch, the Lazy Rabbit

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SOURCE: Algonquin Oral Story

In the Old Time, Ableegumooch the rabbit was the forest guide, and helped wayfarers lost in the woods. However, as time went on, the people and animals learned to find their own way in the forest and didn’t need the rabbit’s services as much.

Ableegumooch grew fat and lazy. If there was something easy and fun to do, he did it. If a thing were difficult or tiring, he did not. But that is no way to keep a wigwam stocked with food.

How Rabbit lost his tail

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SOURCE: Unidentified

There once were two brothers, one a great Genie and the other a rabbit. Like all genie, the older brother could change himself into any kind of an animal, bird, fish, cloud, thunder and lightning, or in fact anything that he desired.

The younger brother (the rabbit) was very mischievous and was continually getting into all kinds of trouble. His older brother was kept busy getting Rabbit out of all kinds of scrapes.

Rabbit and the Two Fawns

Two young Fawns sat on the ground talking about their condition. They were two boys without a mother. "We used to have a deer for our mother," they said.

Rabbit came to them and said "I'm hungry. I've travelled without eating, and I've come a long way."

The Fawns said, "We have nothing to eat here; our food is not here."

Where is it?" asked Rabbit.

The Rabbit nation