Animal Totems

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Alligator Totem

The Alligator has walked on Earth mother for millions of years and is known in many myths and lore as the keepers of ancient wisdom.

Animal Totem from Your Zodiacal Birth Sign

Animal Totem from Your Zodiacal Birth Sign KEYWORDS: zodiak animal totem animals associated with zodiak signs

Many people recognize the symbol of their birth sign as their spirit helper. Those of you who know that your sign is Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius are already complaining that you have no animal representation. However, many resources show a relationship with the same animal for those signs so I have included them here.

Ant Totem

The power of ant medicine is teamwork.

Each ant will do its part to ensure the survival and health of the whole colony, regardless of the role it has been assigned. If ant has to fight, it will; if ant has to dig tunnels, it will; if ant has to carry leaves for miles, it will, all for the good of the community.

Badger medicine is often associated with illusion & organization
Bat holds the power of adaptability
Bear offers strength, introspection and knowledge
Beaver holds the energies of fertility and resoursefullness
Blackbird medicine people have the ability to use their voice to heal
Bluebirds hold the energy of gentleness
Buffalo totem represents prayer, strength and abundance
Bumblebee carries the power of service
Butterflies are symbols of freedom and creativity
Finding your animal totem or spirit guides
Five tips to track down your canine soulmate
life totems and power animals – not all animal totems are equal
Native American Medicine Wheel Zodiac Animals
New Age Spirituality and the Animal Totem or Familiar
Opening the conscious mind to animal totems
Relationships of the directional totems
Respect and Honor the Animals
Tantra Totem: Instructions for good luck in your life
The powers of bear medicine
the raven spirit guide
Tiger totems hold the teachings of focus, patience and surprise
Tortoise totems have a strong psychic connection to mother earth
Totem animals of the Chinese Zodiak
Totem animals of the Patron Saints
using the unconscious mind to call your totem animals