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Roadless Areas Provide Last Refuge for Native Trout in the West

A scientific computer mapping analysis released by he Western Native Trout Campaign today demonstrates that native trout species in the western United States are strongly correlated with the region's remaining roadless areas.

If the federal roadless policy adopted in 2000 is withdrawn, many populations of native trout will likely become extinct.

Trout, the Last Bastion Of American Patriotism

Trout, the Last Bastion Of American Patriotism.. KEYWORDS: trout recipe thanksgiving symbol american patriotism flavor of trout species

Each year, around Thanksgiving, radio and newspaper commentators remind us of the fact that Benjamin Franklin originally proposed the turkey as our country’s national symbol. Franklin held – the commentators remind us – that the wily, quick-witted wild turkey was more symbolic of the American character than was the fish-stealing, nest-fouling bald eagle.

Unfortunately, the tough, smart turkey that Franklin admired so much has deteriorated as a role-model over the past 250 years or so. The domestic turkey that we are familiar with today is a pretty representative symbol of many of our national traits – it is over-weight, over-sexed and dumb as a post – but not the ones that we’d particularly like to advertise. What we really need is a different animal symbol – one that shows us off in a slightly better light. What about – hold onto your hats, now – the rainbow trout?