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Game Fish, Other

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Crow tribe in Montana begins enforcing fishing laws

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AUTHOR: James Hagengruber, Billings Gazette staff writer

Crow Tribe game wardens have begun enforcing long-dormant fish and game laws across the 2.4 million acre reservation, and the tribe is negotiating with the state over a variety of fishing and hunting access issues.

The talks also involve the state’s crown jewel trout fishery and political equivalent of Jerusalem: the Bighorn River.

Man Catches Fish With Computer in Belly

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Larry Mattson caught a high-tech lake trout with a computer in its belly.

Mattson cut the fish open to find a computer the size of a pinky, and eventually called a phone number on a tag on the fish’s back.

That made Bill Mattes very happy.

Roadless Areas Provide Last Refuge for Native Trout in the West

A scientific computer mapping analysis released by he Western Native Trout Campaign today demonstrates that native trout species in the western United States are strongly correlated with the region's remaining roadless areas.

If the federal roadless policy adopted in 2000 is withdrawn, many populations of native trout will likely become extinct.

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