Taco Bell Dog Found in Bar

MARATHON KEY, FLORIDA — A picture of the once world renowned “Taco Bell” spokesdog was taken at a seedy bar, The Lusty Manatee, in Florida last week. Reporters from Food and Style Magazine in town covering Marathon Key’s 14th Annual “Festival Of Transpierced Cocktail Servers,” were shocked to discover the once beloved “Yoquiero” drinking heavily and living in a shack. Raking in over $5,000,000 a year as Taco Bell’s spokesdog, Yoquiero all but disappeared from sight after a nasty public contract dispute over the spokesdog’s star trailer and various rumors of rampant drug and alcohol abuse.

Adam Fedler, spokesman for Taco Bell, said today in an interview, “Yoquiero’s continuing unstable behavior and Taco Bell’s aims for good clean family food restaurants were just not compatible anymore.”

Yoquiero denied requests for a quote. Bar owner Fred (Big Man) Sanchez said “Yoquiero’s really fallen on hard times. He used to drink Cristal from a silver bowl – now he’s often seen drinking from the remains of old beer cans in the back ally.”

Pretty Poodle Shower Curtain
Pretty Poodle Shower Curtain


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