Tiger totems hold the teachings of focus, patience and surprise

Tigers are nocturnal hunters and hold the teachings of focus, patience and surprise. Tigers are also known for their healing properties… KEYWORDS: tiger totem animal tiger medicine spirit animal guide spiritkeeper totems tigers

Tigers are nocturnal hunters and hold the teachings of focus, patience and surprise.

Tigers are also known for their healing properties. Their body parts are sought for use in traditional Chinese medicine and exotic herbal remedies. Their orange gold coloring symbolizes vitality and regeneration. Those with this medicine heal quickly. Tigers are magnificent animals that hold an air of independence and confidence. Solitary animals, males and females come together only during the mating season. The cubs stay with the mother into their second year partly because they are born blind. white tiger pictureTo compensate for this their inner sight is fully operational. This is symbolic for those with tiger as their totem animal. Children who have tiger walking beside them are natural clairvoyants and prophets.

Mysticism and mythology surround the tiger. The Chinese believe that the tiger’s head often carries the chinese “mark of wang,” or king, on its forehead. This is can be seen within the patterns of its fur. One vertical line with three horizontal ones passing through it. Because of this, Tiger is one of the 12 signs of Chinese astrology.

Muscular, powerful and agile, the tiger can travel great distances in search of food. The distance they cover depends on how much prey there is to eat. The less prey the further their territory extends. Walking on their toes with the back part of the foot raised tigers stalk their prey or lie in wait and then spring unexpectedly on them.

The tigerhas excellent senses of sight, smell and hearing. They have round pupils and yellow irises, except for the blue eyes of the white tiger. Due to a retinal adaptation that reflects light back to the retina, the night vision of the tiger is six times better than that of humans. Tiger teaches us how to see into the world of the extraordinary.

Those with tiger medicine have a strong sensitivity to touch and make excellent body workers. Creating sacred space where others cannot enter, spending time alone in order to gather the energy required to move tirelessly throughout life is advantageous for those with this totem. When tiger appears, get ready for adventure, challenge and change. The power, passion and vitality of tiger will activate the same components within yourself.

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