Victor: A Journey Into The Mind of A Talking Parrot

There is so much to tell about Victor, the talking budgie, that he has his own website, which was recently featured on USA Today Webguide as a daily hot site. He had a vocabulary of over 2,000 words.

Victor had a vocabulary of over 2000 words and used them for conversational language and concept formation.  As a result he was the first parrot in the world to develop full blown speech.

His audio and video recordings show how he developed an extraordinary sense of humor and how he could find laughter in almost any situation. Even though his recordings are funny and often come with his own unique sense of humour, do not be mistaken, this is no joke, he was a real budgie.

Victor was rescued at a local pet store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1997. At 6 months old he began to develop an extraordinary vocabulary. He only lived until 2001, but during that time, in many peoples eyes, he quickly established himself as the worlds most remarkable context speaking parrot.

We are still bewildered by the scientific community and people in general that do not really know the true intelligence of birds and especially budgies.

I would like to invite you to come and visit, where you can hear some amazing audio of a talking budgie named Victor and read about his life.

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