Scientists never agree on much of anything, so there are several accepted Plant and Animal Classification systems. Most of us don’t even know what the names of those classification systems mean, let alone understand the structure of them, so we are just going to use a simplified dummied up system the average common man can understand. A brief explanation of how Animal Classification works( for the average guy) »»

Pet Hybrids

Pet hybrids are the offspring of two different species.



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Factual Wolf Hybrid Website before you decide to purchase one, read it!

Before you decide that a “wolf” or “wolf hybrid” is for you, please read my website. It will also tell you how to avoid getting taken by stupid breeders selling mutts that are mispresented as wolf hybrids (wolfdogs). These animals do not make good pets, they are for serious, educated people who are interested only in dedicating themselves to the entire lives of the wolf hybrid.