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Ewenke horsemen show off at Mongolian horse festival

The ancestors of Ewenke people originally lived in the forests northeast of Lake Baikal and along the Shileke River. They mainly engaged in fishing, hunting and breeding reindeer. Throughout history Mongols have lived as nomads and horse-riding has been an essential part of their lives.

Taco Bell Dog Found in Bar

MARATHON KEY, FLORIDA — A picture of the once world renowned “Taco Bell” spokesdog was taken at a seedy bar, The Lusty Manatee, in Florida last week. Reporters from Food and Style Magazine in town covering Marathon Key’s 14th Annual “Festival Of Transpierced Cocktail Servers,” were shocked to discover the once beloved “Yoquiero” drinking heavily and living in a shack.

Unusual Birds and Mammals

We all know what wolves and coyotes look like, and nearly everyone is familiar with bears, deer and turtles; what about some less familiar animals such as capybara, kiwi, or tapirs?