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-Wyoming Wolves Could Wander Into Colorado

by Matt Zalaznick – Vail Daily Online

Wolves flourishing in the wilds of Wyoming could soon wander into northern Colorado, and wildlife groups are mobilizing to protect the packs from ranchers who aren’t looking forward to seeing them.

The state’s native wolf packs were hunted out of existence about 100 years ago, and there are many who would like to see the endangered animals reintroduced to Colorado to restore a major predator to the top of the mountain food chain, said Jody Flemming of the Colorado Wildlife Federation. ..Read More

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W: More than 100 wolves killed in ariel hun

More than 100 wolves have been killed so far this season, including a pack of wolves that had been studied for decades. The Board of Game meets in March to consider a number of additional proposals calling for the expansion of wolf and bear killing. Learn how to submit comments on these proposals.

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More than 100 wolves killed in ariel hunts in Alaska

W:Feds to hand wolves to states

Feds to hand wolves to states.. KEYWORDS: wolf management wolves Idaho wolves Montana wolves Wyoming wolves endangered species act +wolves endangered species +wolf

AUTHOR: Rachel Odell, High Country News

Idaho and Montana are poised to take greater control of gray wolves, but the Nez Perce Tribe, and some environmentalists, are resisting.

In early January, Interior Secretary Gale Norton announced that the federal government will give Idaho and Montana more control over threatened gray wolves, declaring that the 10-year-old wolf reintroduction program had been a success that "exceeded all of our expectations." The management shift, which results from a change to the Endangered Species Act’s "10j" rule, will make it easier for ranchers in Montana and Idaho to kill wolves threatening livestock on private and public land.

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Feds to hand wolves to states.

W:Feds to hand wolves to states
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