Scientists never agree on much of anything, so there are several accepted Plant and Animal Classification systems. Most of us don’t even know what the names of those classification systems mean, let alone understand the structure of them, so we are just going to use a simplified dummied up system the average common man can understand. A brief explanation of how Animal Classification works( for the average guy) »»


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Ableegumooch, the Lazy Rabbit

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SOURCE: Algonquin Oral Story

In the Old Time, Ableegumooch the rabbit was the forest guide, and helped wayfarers lost in the woods. However, as time went on, the people and animals learned to find their own way in the forest and didn’t need the rabbit’s services as much.

Ableegumooch grew fat and lazy. If there was something easy and fun to do, he did it. If a thing were difficult or tiring, he did not. But that is no way to keep a wigwam stocked with food.

Attack on the Giant Elk, an Apache legend

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AUTHOR: An Apache Legend

In the early days, animals and birds of monstrous size preyed upon the people; the giant Elk, the Eagle, and others devoured men, women, and children, until the gods were petitioned for relief.

A deliverer was sent to them in the person of Jonayaíyin, the son of the old woman who lives in the West, and the second wife of the Sun. She divided her time between the Sun and the Waterfall, and by the latter bore a second son, named Kobachíschini, who remained with his mother while his brother went forth to battle with the enemies of mankind.

Coyote and Eagle Steal the Sun and Moon

Back when it was always dark, it was also always summer. One day, Coyote and Eagle went hunting. Coyote was a poor hunter because of the dark. Eventually, they came to the Kachinas, a powerful people. The Kachinas had the Sun and the Moon in a box.

Coyote and Eagle Steal the Sun and Moon
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