Raccoon Memorial: Natiko & Trooper

Look deep within your heart, for we are there forever. The boys entered my life as quickly as they left it. But, with that I have gained far more than to never have had then in my life at all. For that, I will forever be grateful to them for sharing their short life with me and giving me the chance to know and love them.

I cannot possibly share with others in this brief space provided as to what my life was like with them, the least I can do is to share with others what they shared and gave to me.

  • They verified that prayers are answered, it just takes time.
  • Even in death, there is good. That my heart would physically ache with love.
  • They made me and others know the real me.. who was lost for a while.
  • They gave my husband patience and understanding of little creatures.
  • They made me smile when the rain wouldn’t quit. They made me cry when the sun shone on. They made me laugh.
  • They showed me I had to be strong and keep going, don’t give up.
  • They gave others the gift of love when they were near, they opened many hearts.
  • They gave me the biggest gift of all; themselves.

I will always remember you boys, I will never forget. Until we meet again.

Natiko & Trooper
April 19, 2002 to May 24th and May 29th

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