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Alaska whalebones find home halfway across world

KEYWORDS: whale bones whale jawbones Whitby England arch at the historic seaport Anchorage Alaska Sister Cities whalebone arch bowhead whale endangered species Miss Alaska Inupiat dance Alaska Highlanders whale oil

AUTHOR: Jane Zsabo, Anchorage Daily News

There’s been lots of jawboning in Whitby, England, lately, about jawbones from Barrow — two 16-foot, 350-pound remnants of a bowhead whale that have finally been installed as an arch at the historic seaport.

How whales, dolphins, and seals dive so deep

AUTHOR: Susan Milius

A nerve-racking effort to attach cameras to marine mammals has shown how four species dive the impossible dive.

Local Indians lure Luna out to sea

KEYWORDS: orca whale Luna whale rescue whale protest killer whales Native Canadians Mowachaht First Nation Mowachaht-Muchalaht band whales in Nootka Sound San Juan Islands killer whales San Juan Islands orcas

AUTHOR: Lisa Stiffler

Yesterday rescuers were set to help troubled killer whale find his family, but the orca had other plans

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