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Endangered/threatened turtles live in the Pascagoula ecosystem

KEYWORDS: endanagered turtles threatened turtles red bellied turtle yellow-blotched sawback turtle Pascagoula River turtles Leaf River turtles Chickasawhay River endangered turtles turtle breeding habits determine sex of turtles Mississippi turtle

AUTHOR: Sara Greer

Within the boundaries of the largest unimpeded waterway in the continental United States, hidden deep in boggy marshes and thick woodlands, many species of plants and animals struggle for survival.

According to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks and the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, the state is home to 80 species and subspecies of plants and animals that are federally recognized as threatened or endangered. More than 20 of those live in the Pascagoula River ecosystem.

The yellow-blotched sawback turtle is unique among the endangered plants and animals because it is only found in South Mississippi.

Fort Worth Zoo, Alliance Rescue 7,500 Confiscated Turtles

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, Dec. 19 -/E-Wire/-The Fort Worth Zoo is pooling its resources for a rare rescue mission of nearly 7,500 critically endangered turtles, which were confiscated in Hong Kong on December 10, 2001. Without these quick-paced conservation efforts, the animals faced certain death.