Turtle Pet Memorial: In Memory of Dale

Dale, my female red-ear slider, (Chrysemys scripta Elegans) had joined my family when she was a baby. Red-earred sliders are a turtle that inhabit wet, humid areas. Red-earred Sliders like to bask, swim and eat. They need full-spectrum lighing or natural sunlight and though somewhat skittish, are always happy to see you come mealtime.

Their food of choice? Earthworms, fish, water plants, leaf lettuce, mice, veggies ... you name it!

Dale, 13 July 1996 to 26 July 2002
During the past few years, Dale had been an active and nice turtle. Whenever I was down, she was always there to cheer me up.

But these happy days didn’t last long, just a few weeks ago, somethings happened to her .. she became ill.

At first she had lost her appetite, not long later her eyes started to get infections. I tried all ways to cure but things seemed to get out of control. Soon the infections had spread throughout the body and she was getting weaker and weaker each day.

It was heart breaking to see her suffering and none of the treatments were helping her. Time passed and I knew the chances of recovery were getting slim, but still I never gave up looking for the best treatment for her .

But, still, the day finally came, when I touched her montionless body, I knew it was the time to free her.

Although parting with her really made me feel so upset, I believed maybe that was the only way she could release the pain faster.

Farewell my Dale ...
We and your partner, Chip, are going to miss you ...

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