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$34.8 Million in grants to support habitat conservation for imperiled species

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SOURCE: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Southeast Region News Release

Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton today announced $34.8 million in grants to states under a new partnership program to assist private landowners in conserving and restoring the habitat of endangered species and other at-risk plants and animals.

The cost-share grants, part of the administration’s new Landowner Incentive Program, will support innovative partnerships in 42 states. State fish and wildlife agencies, landowners or non-profit groups must put up at least 25 percent of the cost of projects. With these grants, states will be able to provide financial and technical assistance to interested landowners.

11 week old wolfdog puppies for sale

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This article contains a description of the identifying marks of each pup from the wolf dog litter born December 5, 2003. The pups are 37.5% gray wolf, 43.75% siberian husky, 12.5% german shepard and 6.25% malamute. We are now taking applications for adoption of these pups.

5 week old wolfdog pups

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Wolfdog puppies in UTAH up for adoption
Wolfdog puppies up for adoption
Wolfdog puppy adoption